Bryanna Rain

Singer Br'yanna Rain sits down with wordsmith extraordinaire Lynanne Fowle for a brief interview and explains why she chose to record "Blameless"

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It’s a decade past the turn of the century. And while our world didn’t turn into the same future as we envisioned in the Jetsons, technology is beginning to become an almost universal language. So much so that it’s having an impact on art. The internet has invented new ways to communicate which are more than just trends and are quickly becoming a part of the fabric of our lives. Blogs, Twitter, message boards and forums, social networking: none of these are going away anytime soon. The DIY and punk movements have finally given birth to this new digital generation.

Enter Bryanna Rain. Like most teens today, she’s a normal student who lives in Richmond, VA. Unlike most of her peers however, Bryanna is an artist that actually has released her own record. Blameless is her new EP and is a great demonstration of just how far the DIY movement has evolved. Her website recommends her for fans of Sinead O’ Connor and claims some of her influences as Bob Marley and Owl City.

Blameless contains four tracks, three of which are songs. It begins with “Blameless”, the title track. A bitter pop song, it’s about friends that grow apart over time. It ends eerie, just as it begins, with the word “blame” being repeated, over and over and over again. The guitar riff in the background is one of the best parts of the song. “One November Sunday” is just an interview with Bryanna, not a song. “Wedlock”, the next, sounds drastically different than the first song. The beat is the fist thing that you notice as the lyrics ask: “how long you gonna string me around”? Finally, the EP ends with “Blame It On The Beatguild”, which is sorta a remix of the title track.

Blameless is not a very long recording, but a recording that has come a long way. When you begin to think of just how much is available to young up and coming musicians like Bryanna, you can start to imagine the possibilities of where music could soon be headed in the near future.

Twitter Summary: Blameless by teen artist Bryanna is a great effort from a budding artist that shows us how the DIY movement has gone digital.

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